Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hello and Welcome [Sign]!

I've been on a very mini roll as of late in decorating and doing stuff to our house. I feel like everything I really want to do costs so much money that these little spurts of energy are making a little bit of happy difference in my world.  

Last week I showed you our Day of the Dead decorations and now this week I'm back with a very small project that made for a big impact! 

I bought this 'Hello' sign off of Groopdealz and had it lying around the house for awhile. I wasn't certain how I wanted to gussy it up until I saw my best bud, Freckles Chick, use some faux flowers for a little project for her daughter. 

It probably comes as no surprise that I sprayed it gold and then made a little trip to Michael's to grab some flowers. I wanted something pretty and neutral so I grabbed what you see in the pic below. 

I used a simple glue gun to adhere the pieces on the wreath and then hung it up on a wreath hanger on our front door. I really love how the wreath stands out against the charcoal door and it's just what it needed!

And, for any of you that may be wondering, the Instagram heart wall has stayed up since day one with plain painter's tape. I was skeptical too, but it's worked like a charm!

Thanks for checking in! 


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Day of the Dead Decorations + Pumpkin Patch Adventures

Hey, guys! Long time, no see. I have no excuse other than I've done nothing blog worthy and/or I've been too lazy to document what we have been up to! 

I did get around to decorating [I use that term loosely] for Halloween/Day of the Dead so I thought I'd share our mantel with our pumpkins and skull banner.  

The pumpkins are all faux [sounds fancier than fake-ha!] and I've had them for a year plus. I carved the sugar skull from a template I found on Etsy and that thing gets pinned like a bajillion times a day. I hope that Etsy seller is making a serious profit! The medium sized one I puffy painted a greek key design on and then spray painted it, and the heart shaped one I purchased at Goodwill.  

The banner was a free printable found here and I just cut it out and hot glued it on.  

Theron makes the best little model, if I bribe him!

I bought some mums for outside and still need to get some real pumpkins...if I make it before Halloween I'll be surprised. Theron's so obsessed with all things pumpkins but when I offer to buy him one he's not interested. Typical toddler!

We did get to hit up a pumpkin patch last weekend and Theron was in love. His happiness made me that much happier and I could've stayed all day if not for the fear of a napless toddler--know what I mean? 

And then the funniest one--Theron refused to take a pic with Dave and me but then did a classic photobomb. This kid is too much!

I'm sad that fall is nearing its way into winter and I'm not so sure I'm ready! This week is Theron's Halloween party at Little Gym and I'm hoping his costume is a hit!


Monday, August 18, 2014

Master Bedroom Progress

It's funny how I was SO borderline obsessed with all things DIY and/or home decor related for years and then I just stopped updating things or buying home stuff. We have quite a few updates to make in the kitchen plus home improvement issues on the exterior that have had us saving up for major renovations rather than buying lots of decorative things. 

But, we have made super small updates to the master bedroom recently.  

After our recent trip to IKEA, I decided to put the two prints we bought above our bed.  I'm not convinced they'll stay there forever but I like how they fill the space. And, yes, I'm still relying on my iPhone for blog pictures. The DSLR seems like a lot of work nowadays. Lazy I suppose. 

To the left of this space is our closet and an area that needed something. I had thought about putting a tall dresser there but then remembered I had the World Market desk and that it would be perfect in the space. It gives me a nice work space and looks like it was meant to be here. 

The styling is nothing to write home about but it works for real life. It's kinda my motto right now. 

I got lucky at the Goodwill [surprise, surprise!] with this little cane chair for a steal!

The next project in here is to actually settle on a rug-not just a place holder, possible install hardwoods, and install board and batten on the walls.  

It's all coming together slowly but surely! 

And now, I'm off to watch more beauty guru YouTube videos--my newest obsession! 


Thursday, August 7, 2014


For the past couple of years the mister and I have been taking a day trip up to IKEA to stock up on some goodies during right before school starts...kinda like one last hurrah.  

We're obviously party people, can't ya tell?

In the past two years we have been accompanied by my brother and sister-in-law but they couldn't go because they had other plans...something like a Hawaii vacay. I mean, come on, lame excuse. But really, Maui, I miss you. 

Anyhoo, David is a peach for driving us up to the IKEA because just the drive alone is anywhere from 7-8 hours roundtrip. I know, he's a saint to put up with me.  

This year I had one main thing I wanted and that was the black and white striped rug. I almost walked away empty-handed but happened to see it while rounding the corner. David would've never let me down if we drove all the way up to IKEA just to eat Swedish meatballs and get my favorite cookies. 

We haven't put the rug down just yet, but I'll be sure to take some pictures when we do. It is very similar to the black and white rug that we have in the living room now but it is a little bigger and has less white [at least less big stripes of white], which is a definite plus for my blueberry-eatin' toddler.  So many blue finger prints everywhere.  Help me. 

I, also, for the first time in years and years, came across a fiddle leaf fig at an IKEA! 

I was super pumped because the one I scored randomly from Wal-Mart earlier in the year only has two leaves to its name. Yikes. It IS still living though so I'll take it!

I also scooped up this basket for it and the simple black piping and handles made me instantly love it!

While we're sizing this pic up, I recently added two new-to-me 50 cent thrifted needlepoints to the wall and they fit perfectly in the space. Plus, it's been forever since I've had Kleenex in the house but this Isaac Mizrahi designed box is perfect for our space! I finally found them at Wal-Mart of all places. I have the pink rose one, too, but it's at school. 

We also got some storage for my craft room -- if I ever get around to organizing it -- and we picked up two prints that I first spotted in the Young House Love show home

I'm not sold on where I want to put them just yet, but I think I've got an idea. Once they're up, I'll take some pics!

We rounded our day out at some thrift shops [Of course! I'm addicted, I think] and made a pit stop at Carter's where they are stepping up their game in a BIG way.  Kudos to them!

So that's it! School's getting ready to start and no matter how much I'd love summer to linger on I gotta get to working! 

Have you guys been to IKEA or Carter's lately? Any fun finds?


Monday, August 4, 2014

I Took The Summer Off

Well, I certainly didn't mean to be gone from the good ol' blog all summer long but I guess that's what happened. Home improvements have kinda stalled out but they're about to be picking up again here soon so that will be some new news in the soon to be future, I hope!

The past couple months we have been laying pretty low,  minus our European vacay, and it's been a complete delight!  Theron's been mostly agreeable so that makes life fun--you know how that can be. 

Do you hear me, moms?

We definitely did our fair share and probably every kid's fair share in the county of being outside this summer. My kid could live outside if we'd let him.  I joke with David that I've spent more time outside this summer than I have in my previous 31 years of life. And I promise that is not me being overdramatic. 

Here's a super-fast, super-vague rundown of our European trip for you if you haven't already seen it on Instagram [@Joidan82--my new daily blog--haha!]...

We went to Greece, Italy, and Spain three days after school finished and we took a group of 16 other people! Being a teacher has its perks because David and I got to go for free. I still pinch myself when when I think about it. A dream come true for us.  

Greece was kinda a let down, or at least Athens was.  Yes, the Parthenon was amazing but the city itself was just so dirty. And there was graffiti everywhere.  We did do a Greek Islands tour and that offered us some very picturesque spots of Greece!

I seriously think my husband gets better with age.  

Here's a shot of our whole group! We referred to ourselves as "Illinois" since the other schools we were paired up with were from two different states, Kansas & Nebraska. 

Frolicking in the Mediterranean and making it look a lot warmer than it actually was!

Italy was absolutely dreamy and we were lucky enough to visit both Florence and Rome while we were there. I think the kids liked Italy the best and I can't say that I blame them.  Our tour guide took us to Rome pretty much on a whim and we packed a ton into a 5 hour timeframe.  We had two great Florence tour guides that were actually two of David's favorite former students who were studying abroad there for the summer. How fun and convenient was that?

Dave's two faves, who also got engaged during their time in Florence! What an unforgettable and magical memory, I'm sure!

I think this is my favorite picture from the trip! Have you seen anything dreamier? Ahhh!

Last was Barcelona, and it was just as sweet as I remembered.  The shopping was great and the kids got to go to the beach so they were happy!

Made a pit stop at a Convenient Mart to pick up my all-time favorite Spanish chips!

I met the second love of my life in Barcelona...chocolate croissants. 

So many fun places for #ootd pics!

The only thing that went wrong was when we returned to the United States our flight home was canceled along with a ton of other flights.  I had to stand in line for nearly 4 hours and coordinate new flights and figure out where we would be sleeping.  It was CRAZY but we managed and the kids learned a lot about patience and a positive attitude. I learned a lot about being patient, too.  Definitely not one of my better traits.  

The rest of our summer has been rather chill and uneventful.  We were lucky enough to have some of our best friends visit for July 4th and we made a one-day trip to IKEA! Like I said earlier, we've been outside nearly all-day every day and I'm not quite ready to return to school next week! 

How was your summer? 



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