Wednesday, April 23, 2014


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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

DIY Dining Table [Round 2]

When we sold our house last summer the buyers negotiated to keep a lot of our furniture. I didn't even know that was a "thing" but they did it! It's a sore spot for David and me, but we're getting over it--if slowly. They wanted nearly every single piece of furniture we had in our home-it was so odd.  We negotiated back and forth, and I put my foot down to keep our sofa [that we had just purchased!], our arc lamp, and Theron's dresser.  They had the nerve to ask for Theron's dresser.  I mean, really? It was in my son's room holding my son's personal items. Low, I tell you.  

But I digress, I'm getting over it, remember? Haha! In the end, they got to keep a lot, including our dining room table that my sweet father-in-law custom built for us. I was rather emotional about the whole thing but he reassured us that he would build us a better table anyway! If the buyers wanted the table--let them have the table.  "Less to move" he said. He was right. 

For the last 9 or so months we lived with a $100 table and chairs set that I found off of craigslist.  

I liked them well enough but when Theron's birthday came rolling around Dan hopped to building us a new and improved table. I've shared many a time that he can build anything. It's unbelievable. He measured the space, asked me what I wanted, and about two weeks later I had a table to stain.  

With our first table I stained it a dark deep walnut color, almost the color of our floors. But more recently I have been drawn to a more gray washed & lighter/imperfect stain shades.  

I ending up searching awhile on Pinterest after a trip to Lowe's for stain turned out to be unsuccessful.  I came across this post about a custom stain made from two ready-made minwax colors [special walnut & weathered oak] and I was sold.  

There are so many tutorials on staining furniture and I basically followed them all. My father-in-law sanded the table perfectly so all I had to do was apply a pre-stain wood conditioner and then followed that with the special walnut stain.  Then I applied, I think, 4 coats of the weathered oak stain over a handful of days.  I finished it off with the water-based polycrylic top coat and brought it in for T's party. 

I think this pic was after the first two coats of walnut and weathered oak. 

Another up close shot somewhere in the process. [I think my DIY blogger card is being revoked as I type-whoops!]

The table takes up a much more substantial space in our dining room and of course has special meaning to us since it was custom built by our family for our little family. 

I think I could've gone even lighter with the stain but I love it even so!

I kept the chairs from the craigslist table and like them so much that I'm in no hurry to replace them.  I have plans to add upholstered captain's chairs on either end but I'm in no hurry to do that as well.

Those flowers were originally purchased for outside but they look pretty happy on our table indoors. 

So that's how our new and improved table is hanging. We love it and hope you guys do, too!


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Hey, guys! Just checking in to share some pics from yesterday's egg hunt and bunny sweater picture fest. If you're not my family you may be bored by this Theron Drake picture party! 

We stopped by a minor league baseball sponsored egg hunt, and while the times were wrongly shared on their website [boo!], Theron still got to "hunt" for eggs with the bigger kids.

He was in a "Theron" mood and didn't really feel the egg hunt but he absolutely loved hugging and high-fiving the easter bunny and mascot! Who would've thought?

We never took him to see the Easter bunny this year because the kid doesn't stand still in lines. He wants to be on the move. Constantly.  Additionally, he doesn't really favor being held or sitting still either. So all of those combined make for a stressful experience for everyone.  

But, wouldn't you know it, since he could walk right up to the bunny on his own terms he was as happy as a peach! 

Our kiddo always keeps us guessing! Just when we think we have him all figured out he goes and changes the rules again. 

At night we swung by our favorite spot in town to capture some pics of the little toddler tornado in his vintage bunny sweater.  He was full of cheese and was cracking us up! 

My favorite part of the shirt was that all of the bunnies had tails.  Love it!

The only way he'll sit down is if someone is reciting one of his favorite pigeon, Dr. Seuss, or tractor stories to him.  Otherwise, it's go-go-go all of the time. 

It's a good thing David has the stories memorized because TD has no patience for his momma when I forget the words.  He's my littlest boss, I tell ya!

I'll leave you with some silly face +  tongue pictures of Mr. Sass.  He's recently re-discovered his tongue can be outside of his mouth and he thinks it's a hoot to stick it out all of the time.

There is never a dull moment with this kid.

I hope you have a delightful Easter, everybody!


Friday, April 18, 2014

Theron's 2nd Birthday Party

While planning Theron's second birthday party, mind you only a couple weeks before the big day, I made the comment that I didn't want anything big. When all was said and done, it wasn't really that big at all, but next year I definitely want to go somewhere where basically all we do is show up and Theron can run around and we can eat and then pack up and go home.  Does that make me sound lazy? 

Don't answer that! Haha!

While I planned Theron's first birthday party for what seemed like months, I really only invested days into his second.  I assume it's like that with most parents. Or that's what I've been telling myself.  

Following in the footsteps of Ms. Kirsten, I made Theron's invites in PowerPoint and had them printed at CVS since they can print PNG images.  They were printed on glossy paper but in the future, if I remember, I am going to take them somewhere else to be printed on cardstock.  

I was completely inspired by an Etsy invite [and of course I can't find it for the life of me!] but put our own wording on Theron's version.  Like I said before, if only I was half as creative as I am a good copier-haha! 

As you can tell, T's pretty obsessed with anything that moves.  He gets the biggest smile when we see, talk about, or drive by any moving vehicle.  Obviously this was a no brainer for his party plans. 

Of course, Theron's grandpa Dan came through big time with these construction signs that he made from a picture I texted him. I've told you a time or two before that this man can do ANYTHING. 

While T was napping away, we snapped some family pics before the party brigade showed up.  I got to rock my Anthro skirt that I paid way too much for.  Eee!

I followed this tutorial for the tassel garland and the sparkly 'Happy Birthday' banner was a Brickyard Buffalo score last year!

I was going for a construction colors vibe for the garland but I am well aware it read Halloweenish.  You win some, you lose some! I was pleasantly surprised how fast I made it and how good it looked from afar.  Just don't zoom in on that pic!

On the food tables I purchased some plain black fabric from Joann Fabrics and used white duck tape for the road markings. I found these cute road signs on Etsy and printed them out on card stock. 

I bought some cheapie plastic trucks/cars/tractors from the Goodwill and other thrift shops for a couple dollars and spray painted them gold for a more uniform look--and, I just love gold! 

I bought some vehicle chocolate molds off of Amazon and used chocolate melts and chocolate chips to make them!

The "2" balloon was from Party City.  Most people thought it was an "S" which I guess is fitting for our last name, right? 

For the cupcake toppers I stumbled upon some mini monster trucks and race cars at both Dollar Tree and Target and scooped those up!

We went easy with the food and just had pizza, salad, and toasted ravioli which everyone seemed to enjoy.


I printed some IG pics via my Walgreen's app and had them printed in store.  Just like the heart, we placed them on the wall with painter's tape.  The painter's tape has held the heart up for months with no curling.  I don't know how it's doing such a good job!

We had to wake the birthday boy up from an almost 4 hour nap and while he was super shy, he handled everything like a champ. He's not much of a sweets eater at all so he didn't even touch his cupcake. He was more interested in the t-tavs.  I can't say that I blame him!

This is him making his funny face. I don't know where he got that but he thinks it's hilarious.  As do we.

The birthday boy opened up his presents and then had to check out his John Deere tractor in the garage.

You can always count on David to elicit a few laughs!

This John Deere gator is more T's style for right now.

We all know that he loves John Deere but for right now he is still apprehensive about riding the motorized tractor.  We know he'll warm up to it soon and I not-so-secretly love that he's a cautious little guy.

And while my pictures look like it was just the three of us, I swear he had a house full.  Guess that's what happens when guests roll in the camera goes away.  

When everybody was gone, T got to work depositing his gold dollars from Grandpa Dan and then got to be his silly self!

Happy birthday, big boy! You keep us on our toes all day-every day, and we wouldn't have it any other day.  Thanks for making these past two years a time we will never forget.  We can't wait to watch you grow in this third year.  Love you so much!

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