Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Light It Up [times three!]

We've lived for quite some time--nearly 9 months--with builder grade brass lighting that wasn't even properly hanging anymore in the dining room area and no lighting in the kitchen! As you can see, they had track lighting in the kitchen and we took that down immediately.  When they had a peninsula the track lighting was centered in the middle of the open space, but now since we took the peninsula out, the location of the lighting box doesn't make sense.

Once we tore down the wall [that you see below] in the eat-in kitchen the lighting position was no longer over an eating area. I knew I wanted to have an electrician come out and give us a bid on moving the locations of the boxes but I have been slow to contact one. Even when we finally did contact one he never called us back.  

I finally decided to just get the World Market lantern lights and call it a day.  For less than $300 for all three, I thought it was a pretty good deal to have functioning and easy on the eyes lighting once and for all.  It's funny because I just saw Young House Love sprung for the same pendants in their hallway, too!

I think because the lights are all the same it helps to give some purpose to their current location. My father-in-law did point out that all three are centered over the windows so that made me feel better, too.  Silly, I know.  And, like I said before, new upper cabinets are high on the priority list and now I'm thinking of moving the microwave to the pantry and getting a hood.  We shall see!

Of course there's still a chance that we'll get an electrician out here to give us a bid to move the kitchen/dining room lights, but I'd like him to first quote us a bid about putting a ceiling light in Theron's room, the same in the guest room, and two lights in the master bath.  Those are more of a priority in my book.

All in due time I suppose. It's hard when you have a wish list a mile long and a bank account that doesn't quite match. Haha!

Slowly but surely we're making some good progress! Next on our agenda is staining the table my father-in-law made for us! The buyers of our first home negotiated that the first table stay with the house, so my FIL made a bigger and better one for this space. He's pretty amazing, guys.  

Hope you guys have a happy hump day!


Monday, March 24, 2014

Guest Bathroom Progress

I don't think I've shared one "after" pic of our guest bathroom since moving in months ago!  It was actually one of the very first rooms I tackled since I knew I would only being making small & inexpensive updates to it.  Add to the fact that it would be the most used room in the house guest-wise and the quick updates were a no-brainer.   

Here's what the room looked like upon move in:

As you can tell, pretty much every last detail was basic builder grade. The main things I knew I HAD to do was paint the room + vanity, add hardware to the vanity, remove that behind-the-toilet storage piece, replace the shower curtain, update the mirror, change out the lighting fixture, and replace the faucet. It seems like a lot writing it out, but really it was done super fast and on the cheap.  

I just put off sharing it because there are no windows and I don't have a tripod to get a decent shot. I have become that person who uses her iPhone for all pictures and I'm really not too mad at myself for that--haha! Laziness prevails!

Here's the room as of today:

The pictures aren't the best, but you can at least get a feel for how it looks now.  I chose a basic black high gloss paint from Lowe's and handles from Home Depot for the vanity & used Benjamin Moore bathroom paint in Newburg Green. I can't recall if the faucet came from Lowe's or Home Depot but I know it was about $100 or so. You can't see the light but it is this one from Amazon, I think.  

We picked up the shower curtains [yes, curtains--I like how a fuller curtain looks] from Target and the mirror is one we have had forever.   

Most recently I finally hung up two prints I bought from Urban Outfitters months ago and just used some simple Target Threshold binder clips to hang them on the walls.  I think I want to frame the print above the toilet but it's an odd size so I've kinda stalled on that. 

The gold towel ring is also from Urban Outfitters. If you don't shop at Urban for home decor you're missing out. Their selection is always fresh and gets updated what seems like weekly.  It's one of the first places I search when I'm on the hunt!

And in true Joi fashion, I worked a little animal print into the room with a rug from Rugs USA. 

I still would like to replace the vanity, toilet, & vinyl flooring but I'm in absolutely no hurry to do so. I'd also like a better mirror, something like this, but again the one we have now is doing just fine.  

We just keep moving right along in this little house of ours and I'm digging it! 


Monday, March 17, 2014

Master Bedroom Changes

::Still hitting home runs with my blog post titles. Haha.:: 

In our first home our bedroom went through so many changes--I say that like the rest of the house was decorated once and done.  Cue the laughter; that's funny, right?!? A decor obsessed gal's home is never finished!

When we moved in to this home I really had no plans for our bedroom. It's so much bigger than any other bedroom I've ever had so that's a new challenge for me. We placed all of our old bedroom furniture in here plus Theron's glider and it stayed like that for months.

And while I really like that vibe and look you see in the picture, I was just kinda over it. I wanted to feel refreshed and inspired and it just wasn't evoking those emotions. Maybe I overanalyze how I should feel about my bedroom. You guys do it, too, right? Or am I totally alone?

I shared with you guys that I recently scored some sweet new floral pillows, and they totally changed the game.

They are not as calming as the last color palette but that's ok. They're so "me" and well David, he could sleep in a polka dot and striped neon room. The guy couldn't care less as long as there's a bed - I sure got lucky! ;-)

So here's our very in-progress shot as it looks today:

I got rid of the Ikat throw at the end of the bed but had to have a similar replacement for it.  I love that a quilt stays cool to the touch so that was a non-issue for me. I picked up a mustard yellow one at Target and I have plans to tone it down with this throw. It's kinda pricey for a blanket so I haven't bit the bullet yet.

I also added the circle mirrors that were in the hallway of our last home onto our nightstands. I'm not convinced I love them there but it's ok for now. I also need some new lamps because I moved the original lamps into the living room.

I want to move the pin tuck duvet into the guest bedroom and get this one from West Elm as seen in Orlando Soria's bedroom via Emily Henderson's blog

The striped rug is from Theron's old playroom and I really just moved it in there to see how I felt layering a rug on carpet.

Just out of view, to the left of the bed, is now a desk area and I'm on the lookout for a new [to me] chair and I'll have to snap some pics so you can see how that area's shaping up, too.  And, while a fan is a must have in our bedroom, I'm really jonesing for a pretty chandelier.  Do those vintage looking fans put off a nice amount of air? Anyone have one?

So basically, anything is fair game in this room and like always, you guys are along for the ride.

Happy St. Patty's day, too!


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

This and That

I will forever struggle at making blog titles. When it's just a simple post [which all of mine have been of late--real life] I get stumped. How many times can I say "House Update!"? Haha!

Anyhoo, this is just a small house update--of course--and I can really say I'm starting to love how it's coming along. The house is getting in its groove. Cheesy but true.

The entryway is coming along and I am totally digging it! The bench we got the other day really sealed the deal. I added some pillows I got from Ikea and H&M and it's even better!  I'm a fan of layering in home decor and it's looking good to my eye finally. The only thing I need to do is paint that doorbell box. I always say I'll do it and then I get distracted. I feel like I'm super scattered because I gotta make the most out of nap time. Ya dig, mommas?

We also added a little greenery [which I'll no doubt kill] and it instantly perks things up as well! 

And on a side note, randomly, on Sunday,  I was bad-mouthing the midwest and their lack of fiddle leaf figs for YEARS to the workers at Home Depot.  The nursery employees didn't even know what they were -- decor bloggers they were not. Haha!! So, same old story, I came home with two random house plants like always.  Later that night I was at Walmart and saw a whole slew of fiddle leaf figs just hanging out on the shelf.  Never in my many years of looking for them had I ever found them.  But here they were taunting me, in my own city.  Those clever little stinkers! I, of course, bought one and am headed back for another asap.  I'm sure their fate is not the best with me.  Whoops. Sorry in advance, little buddy.

I placed it in the living room for now but I really need to read up on their care and take serious steps to get this baby to grow.

And, while we're at it, I also added this H&M pillow to the green chair.  If you haven't checked out the H&M line you really should. It's good stuff!

That's it for now. Happy Tuesday! We're celebrating here with close to 80 degree temps! Peace out, polar vortex.


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Entryway Update

For some reason, the past couple months I have taken a break from craigslist. Who knows why?? Maybe I was actually productive in my spare time rather than dreaming of all the furniture I don't have a place for--haha! But very recently, I wanted a bench to go in our entryway and I found one for under $100 via craigslist at a new-to-me consignment store. Wins all the way around.

The top isn't in the greatest condition but it really doesn't bother me at all. Theron's favorite new trick is to climb on top and look at all of his pictures. He can identify everyone and everything and it's just about the cutest. I think I'll keep him.

On another note, we added a new World Market light to the dining room area and I have to remember to snap some pics for you later.

I have a couple more of the same light coming via raincheck and I think they will be nice placeholders until I can get the electric moved and centered.  If you remember, we tore down a wall, so the original lighting location doesn't really make sense with the new layout all that much.  These lights were $100 a pop and they could stay for the long haul even so.  Since July we've been living with shiny builder grade brass lighting and a lack of lighting completely in the kitchen.   I guess it's pretty obvious that we're not awesome chefs.

So, as soon as those updates happen, you'll be in the know.  Any fun updates happening in your neck of the woods? I'm yearning for some inspiration!

Have a happy hump day, friends.

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